Sally Up Workout Challenge

Sally Up Challenge!

I hope everyone had a good start to the week. I personally started with a bunch of lower body leg work. Time and time again I see many people skip training their lower bodies. It actually kind of blows my mind. Just training the lower body alone will increase over all strength and fat burning.
Plus it is our most used body part around. So why wouldn’t you want to train the low body or your legs.
I know legs can be somewhat of a challenge to train. It definitely is not the most fun thing to train and can leave you pretty sore and walking funny after.
But that usually only happens if you have never trained legs before or if you are not used to training them intensely.

A few things you want to make sure you do when you are hitting your lower body or any muscle group for that matter is to work on a full range of motion. We need to learn to train our body the way it was designed to move. When it comes to lower body we can use squats as an example. I often see people load up 300-400 pounds on a bar and attempt to squat. The problem is they only go a quarter of the way down.
Now what good is that?

If the body is designed to move in a full range of motion that means we must break below the parallel position. We are not getting much benefit if any at all going a limited range.
I recommend dropping the weight even if it means an empty bar and work on getting below that parallel position.
Now there may be a few exceptions here. Some people do have a very limited range of motion. If this is you, mobility is a must for you. I highly recommend a bunch of mobility work. If you haven’t grabbed a copy of the Supple Leopard, I highly recommend it. Not just for flexibility but to help your over all fitness.
The bottom line is we need to do our best at training the body in a full range of motion.
I always like to start the week off first with a tough intense lower body session. This keeps me focused the rest of the week as well as active to help the recovery.

So here’s what my training looked like for the day.
Heavy Front squats
5 warm-up sets
then 230×5, 275×3, 305,2 365,1 375x fail
I think I could have hit the 375 if I tried again. But kind of rushed it a tad.
After that I hit a quick strength and conditioning session that looked like this

3 Rounds for Time
5- OH Alternating Lunges (5 each leg) 115#
10-Back Squats 115#
15- Burpee facing bar

Shoot for under 5 minutes if you try this.

5-minute rest

then, the classic “Sally Workout Challenge”

The way the challenge goes down is every time the song says “Sally Down” you go down. You will hold that position until the song says “Sally Up” To be honest, I am not sure how many times you are actually squatting. But I know by the end of it your legs will be on fire.
Shoot to use 135 pounds on the barbell for the back squats. Make it a goal to finish the entire song. Even if your timing is a bit off. Just try your best to complete it.
After all its only about three and a half minutes. LOL

I ended up finishing the entire workout. My legs were pretty trashed after that. The other thing that gets you is your lower back. Especially after everything else I did, the back starts to get tight. So you will want to prepare for that as well.

Any ways I’m curious to see if any of you are up for the challenge. Let me know if you hit it up and how the workout went.

If you have any challenges for me shoot one over.

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