Motivation Monday!

I hope we are all ready to start out the week. Monday is here and it’s time to put in the work back at the gym. However, if you are like me fitness is a 24/7 thing. There really are no days off. Well even if you are not like me it still is. Even though you may not head to the gym or get workout in you are always doing something related to making you health and fitness better or worse. This can include getting enough sleep, eating right or wrong, partying and drinking. Whatever you do has some effect on your results.

So let’s take a look back and the previous week. How can you improve on that?

I know that is repetitive but it is something that needs to be done on a frequent basis. Which is why I talk and will talk about it a lot.

To kick off today’s Motivation Monday though, I want to talk a bit more about mindset in general. I’m going to use the CrossFit competition I was at to help explain a few things today.

As some of you may know, myself and a few others competed in a CrossFit Competition over the weekend. Some of the workouts were pretty tough, but all in all I thought they did a fantastic job in balancing them out pretty well. There was quite a variety in many different modalities.

The hardest part about the whole weekend wasn’t necessarily the workouts themselves. For me it really came down to the mental side.

Let me explain.

Going into the competition I felt pretty good. I knew the second and third event for me were going to be my worst out of them all. This is just because those are two of my weaknesses. So I knew I really had to push it.

Well after the first event. Even though I felt like I did pretty well coming in 9th place. I knew I could have done much better. I was actually a tad bit disappointed in myself.

I did not let that get to me though. What I did was  look back at what I could have done better at, what slowed me down and anything else I could use to apply in the upcoming events.

The answer was quite simple. It all comes down to your mindset and how bad do you really want it.
We were all tired and working hard. But that was only temporary.
All the workouts were time capped. Anywhere from 7 to 13 minutes. Some back to back. I said to myself. This isn’t really that difficult. All I gotta to is work hard and not stop for that amount of time. Seven minutes is only a small part of the day to go all out. Just stick with it and don’t stop.

We constantly have to fight that battle we all have within ourselves. The mind wants to give up much quicker than our bodies can really handle.

After the first workout, I realized that yes I could have not rested as much as I did. Therefore I was not going to let that happened again. For some of the workouts that followed, I wanted to stop much sooner than I did. Actually for all the workouts, I felt like that.

When event four came around, it was time to apply what I learned about the previous workouts. With a new mindset in place and knowing what I needed to do I was ready to take it on.
At the sound of 3.2.1.GO I was off to a great start. I went unbroken on the first exercise and right into the next. I kept the thinking get back at it, the workout will be over soon. With that attitude, I was the first one done in my heat to the last exercise. Even though I just missed finishing the workout in the 12 minute time cap, I felt really good about it.

The Process Repeats…

So again, I took a look back and reflected to see what I could have done better. The workout consisted of five exercises. Looking back, there is nothing I really would have done different on the first four exercises. I pretty much crushed those. The fifth exercise just happened to be not one of my strengths. I’m not bad at it, however after the fatigue from the previous four I just did my best and kept with it.

I hope that using my experience from this weekend will help to demonstrate how you can apply some of the mindset principles here.

Even though I reflected and looked back at the last workout and did not really see much room for improvement, I still used that heading into what could be my final two workouts the following day.

I took out of that workout what I did good. I kept with it and did not stop working.

I made the little sacrifice now to get a bigger reward later.

So when events 5 and 6 came around Sunday morning, I was ready to go. This was definitely a lower body killer here. To help illustrate the purpose here I’ll put the workout up.
The workout had an 8 minute time cap and is as follows:
50’ Barbell overhead walking lunge
2 rounds of
400m Row
40- Wall balls

After the 8 minute workout, you get 1 minute rest and then you have 2 minutes to complete as many deficit handstand push ups as possible.

As you can see this workout is pretty taxing on both the lower and upper body.
So going into the workout I knew I had to keep going and push it hard if I wanted to make it to the finals. There were many times that I wanted to stop during the wall balls or slow down on the row. I had to fight that battle with my mind to keep on going. Again I ended up going unbroken on all the wall balls and kept my rower pace right where I wanted it. The end result lead me to a 9th place over all finish after that event.

So I made it to the finals.

The final workout was probably the toughest workout this whole weekend. I know this is repetitive but again, I looked back. At what worked and what didn’t. The row/wall ball event I went unbroken. The handstand push ups I could have broken them up a bit more and probably could have cranked out quite a few more reps.

So to make a long story short, I applied these to the last workout. I went unbroken on first three exercises of the last workout. Broke up the exercises as needed and ended up taking 2nd in that event. This left me with a 6th place overall finish.
That workout and all of them really came down to two things: How bad to you really want to achieve something and mental toughness. There were many times that I wanted to stop on a few of the exercises but chose to fight through it and keep going.
We will all have times when we do not want to do something, are too tired, could go to a party or do something more fun that will put us further away from our goals than closer toward it. We got to fight within ourselves to do what we need to do to achieve the goals we want. Even if that means saying “NO” to a few little things now to have a greater end result later. So I will leave you with this.
Below are a few lines from one of my favorite video clips. Just something to think about. I’ll post the video below too.

“It is much easier to buy tickets to see the game than it is to be the one to prepare for the game. It is easier to hang out with your friends than it is to run stairs for an hour. It’s easier to sleep in than it is to wake up to 100 sprints. It’s easier to go to a party than it is to go ass to the grass in squats.
It’s easier to watch athletes from the couch than it is to be the one hoisting the trophy. But… It’s also a lot easier to look back on you life and know you gave it all than to live with regrets.”

Get After It!


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