Motivation Monday Shawn “The Webz” Weber 12.16.13

It’s been awhile since I posted some content on the blog. I had a ton going on and with the move of the new gym we didn’t have internet there for almost 3 weeks.  I know, No Excuses.  That is something I live by and preach all the time.  However, today I want to talk about a quote one young man lived by.

“Never Give Up”

Those were the words of Shawn “The Webz” Weber. To many Shawn was a local hero, a brother, a son, and an Inspiration to all that was put in his path. Even if you do not know who Shawn was, you can learn and be inspired by his journey here on earth.

Ever since Shawn was born he was a true fighter.  From the time he was born he immediately had open heart surgery.  He wasn’t supposed to live a day, a week, a month or even a year.  That did not stop Shawn.  He lived by the words “Never Give Up” and kept fighting for 20 years.  He was just a few days shy of making his 21st birthday, which as I write this is today.

So it just fits that we dedicate this weeks Monday Motivation in your honor Shawn Weber.  I can’t find or think a more perfect story to write about.  By far you are the greatest motivation and inspiration to me.  The lives you have impacted and touched are incredible.  You fought hard for almost 21 years.  Never complaining, never scared, and always happy and smiling.

You could have easily gave up, you could have quite, complained, and had a poor attitude, But you didn’t. It is obvious from the lives you touched you were the complete opposite.  Being that happy, loving caring person that was an inspiration to many.  Even though you may no longer be with us, you are responsible for changing so many peoples lives for the positive.  I have only physically met you once or twice, but you have became one of my greatest inspirations. You have not only inspired me to push myself in the gym, but in life as well.  Each of us have our own problems, go through tough times, and feel like quitting at times.  Your journey and motto you live by “Never Give Up” will forever be an impact on myself as well as many others. With that being said, I would like to Thank You Shawn “The Webz” Weber for everything you have done.

Here is a video tribute that Fox 6 did on The Webz

For more info and to support Shawn and the Weber family visit:

-Never Give Up


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