Friday Fight Through Challenge Bday edition

Happy Friday Everybody. Another Friday has approached.  However today is a bit different. It is actually my birthday.  The big 32.  Getting old right.  lol Just kidding.

Age is only a number.  So do not ever use that as an excuse.

I bet you are probably thinking that since it’s my Birthday we may do something crazy, or have a 32 in the challenge. That would be a good guess, but I decided to switch it up. Instead of doing just any old challenge, we are going to do the classic “Sally” Squat finisher.


There is a twist.

Not just any squats.  Over Head Squats.

That’s right.  We are going to do Sally Over Head Squat Finisher.

I chose 95 pounds.

I actually felt really good.  Especially since it was after this heavy back squat session:

Back Squats

warm ups 45×12, 95×10, 135×5, 185×5, 225×5, 275×3

work sets: 315×5, 360×3, 380×1, 355×5, 385×2

Over Head Squat

135×5, 185×4, 225×3


Over Head Squat “Sally” with 95 pounds.


I was pretty close to finishing the entire workout.  I only missed a few reps.  It was mainly due to my shoulder that I recently injured. I just do not have the stability that I use to have.

Either way. That’s no excuse!  I chose to Fight Through it and did my best that I could.

That is all I ever ask.  Do your best.

Get After It and go #KMFB


Ps.  Make sure to leave your comments below.  Or if you’d like to see any other challenge.

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